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For more than 7 years we have been developing, mainly, fintech solutions, both under the order of specific customers and off-label - so that in the future interested customers can use products under their own brand.

Over the years, we have implemented various innovative solutions: payment services, e-commerce marketplace, ML and AI solutions, a system for accounting for settlements between counterparties. Customers in Russia and Southeast Asia are happy to use these software solutions.

Our head office is located in the center of Novosibirsk, so we are always glad to welcome ambitious and talented engineers from all over the Siberian region to our team in order to improve current and create new High-Tech solutions together.

Our solutions
Payment services
Payment System
Payment aggregation system certified according to PCI-DSS standard and licensed by several national banks of Southeast Asia countries. It allows companies in Southeast Asia to accept payments for their goods and services around the clock through mobile and Internet payments, payment terminals and retail cash registers.
Digital Currency
Digital software platform that combines a marketplace with a huge number of goods and services, and an electronic wallet that allows you to manage your finances, make transfers, convert currencies and make purchases on the marketplace.
Crypto Wallet
The wallet that can be integrated into almost any blockchain ecosystem, supporting not only classic payment solutions, but also allowing you to store and cross-convert the base currency of the blockchain ecosystem into BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and other major digital currencies.
ML and AI solutions
Person and Mood Recognition
The system for recognizing certain people in a crowd by a photo, for determining a person's mood, his/her well-being by body movements and for analyzing body temperature.
Digital Twins
The solution allows user to create digital twins for various infrastructure facilities, for example, road and transport infrastructure, and then monitor the state of such facilities and detect abnormalities - various road events, traffic violations etc.
Volume Meterage
The system for calculating the volumetric characteristics of huge industrial objects (quarries, heaps of coal, ore, grain etc.) by their video image; analysis of changes in characteristics over time - audition, inventory, production forecast.
Counterparties Settlement Accounting
Counterparties Settlement Accounting
This accounting system helps to clearly plan, control and reconcile a large flow of payments from counterparties and vice versa to counterparties. The role model allows you to flexibly configure access to data for employees of different levels. The solution is used in the building construction: the large buildings and infrastructure facilities.

We are always glad to invite to our ranks ambitious and energetic specialists who are constantly at the forefront of IT technologies and are full of new breakthrough ideas. If you are like that please feel free to apply for the job and join our team or send your CV here: hr@elementsoftware.ru Our company works completely in accordance with the Labor Code of Russia and offers employees a compensation package that allows them to keep themselves in great shape!

Node.js developer
    What will you have to do?
  • Participation in the development of web services, API and microservices
  • Development of unit & acceptance tests
  • Database design
  • Optimization of projects for changing conditions and loads
  • Finding simple solutions to complex problems
Our partners
We are partners with many large organizations, both in Asia and around the world.